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I will never forget...

Do you know it? You watch a series and you really love the series and you feel with people there and you are like part of the series and someone, who is important for you there, dies. Do you cry for half an hour? I hope you do, because if you don’t, I will have to think that I’m a weirdo and I don’t wanna be, so tell me please, you do the same…. thanks ;)

If they don’t like you for being yourself, then they can jog on.

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Title: srsly this solo should not be legal

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So long article about Little Mix (how Natali sees it)

I just have a need to write something about Little Mix, because I’m listening to Salute all over again and again and again and….

I don’t know why, but I didn’t like this four girls much, when I knew Perrie just like Zayn’s girlfriend. But everything changed at the day when DNA came out and I saw the lyrics video on my facebook wall, so I listened to it and at that time everything has changed!

Then it was quite fast, I listened to Wings and their We Are Young cover and I watched some X-factor performances and I absolutely fell in love with this band.

Jesy is one of the most strong persons for me, cause she had hard times during the X-factor because of bullshits about her body, but she just fucked up with haters and I personally think she is beautiful woman with beautiful body and I love her hair, they’re so long and seems to be so soft. Jesy gives me the power to be confident about myself and don’t care about haters.

Jade is the cutest one and I love her sense of humor, she can make fun of herself, which I appreciate so much. I think she’s the most sensitive from the band and it’s nice, I think. And another thing I like about her is her relationship with other girls. She seems to be so grateful that she has them and she behaves so nice to them.

Leigh-Anne seems to be so happy with her life and I think this is it what everyone should have. Satisfaction with his life. In addition she is also so sexy! Yes, she is, you all know that! Her voice is so specific and she can rap so good, I love her parts in the songs! And the way she tells jokes and her face is still so serious is amazing!

And Perrie! She is my most favorite one of the band! Of course I love all of them, but it’s not the crime to have fave one or?

First think what came on my mind is Zerrie - oh, how much I love when they’re together. They’re so diferrent, but so equal. She’s blonde with very light skin, he’s black with darker skin. She’s so funny, she always makes jokes from herself, she does crazy faces. He seems to be the quite one, who just smile, slowly smokes his cigarette and is sexy as fuck! But because of it all they fit together like Louis and stripes (I had to said that!). So yes, Zerrie is the best thing ever and I hope they will be together forever and ever and they will have a lots of beautiful children!

Perrie is my inspiration in everything. I wish I had her hair, oh god! I can’t understand them, they can do everything and they fit how she wants. This is so unfair. Her clothing style is also so good, to tell you the truth, when I don’t know what to wear to school, I look through the tumblr and she always gives me some inspiration. Her voice is amazingly beautiful and she is just so unique. I don’t want to say she’s perfect, because she’s not. It hasn’t to be nasty from me, but nobody’s perfect and this is what makes people so amazing or?

I’m so happy that Tulisa helped them to win and every day I’m prouder and prouder when I see what they achieved. It makes me so happy and sad at the same time, cause how they’re becoming more famous I’m realising, they’re not just mine and the possibility to meet them and talk to them is lower and lower.

But if I’ll meet them one beautiful day, it will be one of the most amazing days in my life. Because I won’t meet Little Mix - the most famous girlband in the world, but I will meet Little Mix - the four crazy girls, who laugh all the time and who are just so grateful to be where they are which is to tell the truth so rare in showbusiness these days. 






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Perrie performing “these four walls” on surprise surprise.

Here’s the most incredible singer in the entire world! Yes!